L.A. Photo Curator Results for 'This Land is Your Land' curated by Dianne Yudelson.

A note from Dianne Yudelson:
"Thank you to all the photographers who shared their world with us by entering the call This Land is Your Land. It has been my honor to spend the last few weeks with your photos. During a historic time of global pandemic and social unrest I requested to see your world--be it physical location, social atmosphere or cultural environment--even if it is only in our minds and hearts.
You brought to my screen images of vast physical beauty such as C. E Morse’s “Sumac and Snow,” Avital Oehler’s “2071” and  Neelakantan Sunder’s ”Foggy Autumn” as well as images of social isolation such as Liv Mann Tremblay’s “It’s Not Fair” and Henry Driftwood’s “Bookworm.” 

Furthermore, the submissions traverse a bevy of moving emotional sentiments. Dale Niles’ and Suzanne Theodora White’s photographs bespeak the darkness that is now, while Claudia Cebrian’s and Caroline Ousley Naseman’s photos suggest the hope that lies ahead.
My final request in the call description was to be creative and I applaud the many creative representations of your world. Ellen Jantzen, Kathryn Dunlevie, Katie Shapiro and Leila Ali’s deconstructed and/or reconstructed collaged photos are fascinating examples of our transitioning perceptions. Carmen Teixidor’s “My House” illustrates her world using intensely colorful figurative surrealism, while Jan Arrigo and Olga Merrill’s photos present their worlds in an almost watercolor dream. These images touched my artistic soul.
As I spent time with the photographs I began to visualize a presence of vulnerability that threads in and out connecting the imagery. Our stark cultural void during this time of isolation is superbly represented by Diana Cheren Nygren, Barbara Van Schaik, Douglas Hill and Charlie Tadlock.
When deciding placing for this call I wanted to choose a selection from the three genres I expressed would be fitting to the call for entry-- landscape, documentary and fine art. I was impressed by all the work entered and I encourage every entrant to continue to inspire with their photography.
Lastly, I want to express my sincere appreciation to Laurie Freitag for providing the opportunity of exposure and review to artists around the world and for her philanthropic idea of charitable contribution."
1st Place-- Diana Cheren Nygren “Bottled Water'
2nd Place—Carmen Teixidor “My House”
3rd Place—C.E. Morse “Sumac and Snow”
Best Series--Barbara van Schaik “Footnote”
Honorable Mentions
Ellen Jantzen  “Alone Searching for Meaning”
Dale Niles “Moon Rising”
Olga Merrill “Harbors Dream”
Liv Mann-Tremblay “It’s Not Fair”
Susan Ressler “Covid Shopping”
10% of artist entry fees goes to the curator's choice of charity. Yudelson has chosen the Children's Scoliosis Foundation
Another 10% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity.  Diana Cheren Nygren has chosen the Clean Air Task Force https://www.catf.us/