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L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry: 'Confronting Mortality'  curated by Jane Szabo.  (Jane Szabo's work is in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA), the Lancaster Museum of Art & History (MOAH), and in private collections throughout the US, and Europe.)​


"I selected the exhibit title Confronting Mortality, as it is a theme I have been thinking deeply about over the last several years. Facing the rapid decline of my elderly parents, I spend a lot of time worrying about them, and seemingly as much time thinking about my own future. I was curious to see how other artists would visualize this subject. The results were impressive, both in the quality of the images, and in the diverse way these ideas were addressed.
The work was so powerful, it was a challenging task to narrow down the list to a dozen of the strongest images, much less picking a mere four or five as top contenders. So, apologizes for being a rule breaker, but I diverted from instructions, and l gave commendations to these stellar images by 12 artists. And in doing so, I knew that there are many more equally worthwhile photographs that I could not include. I selected the images that hit me forcefully, and also gave me room to enter the story. I heard these artists voices, and they left me thinking. Well done to each and every one of you."
20% of artist entry fees go to charity.
Szabo has chosen- MOAH - Musuem of Art and History, Lancaster, CA. 

First place winner Dana Walker  has chosen the Art Center for Kids


FIRST PLACE – Dana Walker, Joan’s Trinity
SECOND PLACE – Luke Jordan, Bill and Jane
THIRD PLACECat Coppenrath, Autopsy Report

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The Classic Black and White Images     
Mara Zaslove- Return to Nature
Shana Einhorn - Aunt Violet 
Traci Marie Lee-  That lumbered all the way..
Edward Boches-  Cherry Garcia
Edward Boches -One Day Later

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Memento Mori, the Flower
Nina Weinberg- Doran Transition
Diane Fenster- Flores Para el Muerto

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The Alternative Processes
Leslie Sheryll- Louisa and Baby II, Mourning Tears
Nicole Fournier- Brain Stem
Robin Repp -Just Fade Away


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