STORYTELLING curated by Carolyn Hampton.

Storytelling - Some photographers combine a subject with elements such as location, lighting, composition, and process to tell the viewer a story. The viewer is then invited to use his or her creative imagination to fill in the beginning or end. Many such stories are informed by literature, legends, myths, fairytales, music, dreams, film – the possibilities are endless.

We are looking for photographers with the ability to tell a compelling visual narrative through fine art photography. Stories could be told based on landscapes, and do not have to be portraits.

Note from Carolyn Hampton: "I want to thank everyone who entered the "Storytelling" competition. I was so blown away by the depth and breadth of the talent that it made my task so extremely difficult. It is clear that there are many talented visual storytellers out there, and they are working using different techniques and styles. In fact, I am hoping to making a MagCloud edition with every single entry in it, so everyone can see just how great the work was."
Thanks to all that entered our competition and because part of our mission is to help charities, know that though you may not have placed, you HAVE helped two charities.

As part of our mission to help charities, a percentage of all artist fees went to Hampton's charity, Children’s Institute International (CII helps children in Los Angeles’s most challenged communities heal from the trauma of family and community violence, build the confidence and skills to break through the barriers of poverty, and grow up to lead healthy, productive lives) and to first place winner Mara Zaslove's charity, Assistance League of Santa Monica (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation of member-volunteers who assist children and families in need in the Santa Monica Bay Area.) -Laurie  Freitag/ Director: L.A. Photo Curator

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