L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry
Theme: 'About Lighting' curated by Paul Ivanushka

Note to entrants from Paul Ivanushka:
"What on honor to judge this collection of work!! I thank you all for taking the challenge of this month's theme to heart. I found it easy to connect with all the images and when I came up with the theme “About Lighting” and the challenges presented, the people who responded did so with exactly the type of imagery I wanted to see. All of the work here was the result of visual, creative and technical acumen and hard work. As a judge I found all the work to be excellent in many ways. No slouches are you 22. In the final analysis I had to refer to the original them of the contest; use of light, textures, modeling, shadows and complete tonal range as the final filter. I hope that as you go through all these images you will enjoy them as much as I have."

Paul A. Ivanushka
Review of first place winning image, 'Dream' by A. Lowey-
"Dream", a photograph that we as photographers strive to produce. First, the image of a small branch having its moment of glory before the light disappears for the day behind the primeval forest. As small as it is, its regal moment in the light, finds it standing out almost in triumph on an alter of rock. The scale of small vs. large is exacerbated by the drama of the lighting and the juxtaposition of this small branch against the large trees in the background. I find that there is a tension created by the subtle detail of the trees in full shade with just barely enough detail to be trees. I love the tonal layering; the highlights of the branch (with detail) on the middle grey tones of its rock alter with the deep blacks and subtle shadow details providing a backdrop for this religious ceremony. Lowey's has woven attention to detail, creativity and technical excellence into a stunning photograph.
FIRST PLACE:  A. Lowey - "Dream"
SECOND PLACE: Same Source "Blues For Airom"
Dennis Geller - "Night (Central Maine)"
Gauri Chopra - "Sketching with Light 01"
Amina AmXn - "Black Swag Is Beautiful 2"
Natasha Rudenko - "Abjectification"
10% of artist entry fees goes to the curator's choice of charity. Ivanushka has chosen the Young Choreographers Project, a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring and instruction in dance and choreography to underserved youth living in Los Angeles. Ivanushka says, "I have chosen this organization because of their commitment to empowering young people through arts education.  To find out more about Young Choreographers Project, please visit www.ycpla.org. “
Another 10% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity. A. Lowey has chosen Thorn.org.Their mission is to build technology to defend children from sexual abuse.