SECOND PLACE: Blues for Airom by SameSource
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' SECOND PLACE: Blues for Airom by SameSource A nod to the king of gestalt, Om Bleicher.  Model Cat Schrodinger.
A nod to the king of gestalt, Om Bleicher. Model Cat Schrodinger.
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SameSource is a photographic artist with over two decades of professional experience recording images.  SameSource fine art photography spans both landscape and bodyscape, often exploring human sexuality and its relationship with art. 

With recent showings from the Musée du Louvre, Paris, France, to Art Basel, Miami Beach, SameSource was recognized in the international Lumiere Award for 2017.  

Coagula Gallery in Los Angeles included SameSource in its Ten Top Artists exhibition for 2016 in a show curated by Tulsa Kinney of Artillery Magazine. 

SameSource work has been featured in The Huffington Post and American Photo magazine, and SameSource has twice been profiled by Silvershotz International Magazine of Contemporary Photography for the Apples and Apples Reinterpreted series, and is one of 25 international artists featured in the magazine’s 2017 Folio of Fine Art Photography (ISBN: 9781642049985). 

SameSource was one of thirty international photographers in the Los Angeles Festival of Photography’s 2017 exhibition on street photography at Fathom Gallery.  In addition to being featured in numerous photography books, SameSource is the author of four fine art photography books, Objects of Ruin (ISBN: 9781320134194), Apples (ISBN: 9781366155986), Apples Reinterpreted (ISBN: 9781366155856), and The Green Dress (ISBN: 9781388795016). 

SameSource has origins in the rural Midwest. After studying music and philosophy in a liberal arts education, the artist went to Italy and became immersed in the works of the Renaissance.

A return to the US brought the pursuit of graduate work in music and cinema, with an eventual arrival on the west coast via the USC film school. In addition to the full-time pursuit of photographic fine art, SameSource output has included notable works as a recording artist, writer, and filmmaker. 

SameSource is represented by Fabrik Projects.  For art inquiries, visit  Learn more at and follow SameSource on Facebook, Instagram, & Vero; SameSourcePhoto on Twitter.


SameSource has been named an Artist in Residency for 2019 by GilsfjordurArts at Gilsfjarðarbrekka in Gilsfjordur, Westfjords, Iceland.

Solo Shows:
Reinterpreted, June – July, 2019 (Fabrik Projects Gallery, Los Angeles)
Reinterpreted, FotoFever Paris, November 2018 (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)
Bodyscapes: The Fine Art of SameSource, October 2017 (Pure Pleasure Gallery, Santa Cruz, California)
SameSource Works at LA Emerging Designers, October 2015 (LA Fashion Week at the Dream Factory, Los Angeles)
Objects of Ruin, November 2014 – January 2015 (Main Street Gallery, Kansas City)
Objects of Ruin, September – October 2014 (Hamilton Galleries, Santa Monica)

Recent Group Shows:
Full Bodied, March 2019 (Los Angeles Art Association Gallery 825, Los Angeles)
Detroit Dirty Show, February 2019 (Russell Exhibition Center, Detroit)
Los Angeles Art Show, January 2019 (BG Gallery Art Booth, Los Angeles)
Use Other Door, January – March 2019 (Core Contemporary Gallery of Fine Art, Las Vegas, Nevada)
The Creative Portrait, December 2018 – February 2019 (Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles)
Holiday Show, December 2018, (Fabrik Projects Gallery, Los Angeles)
Photo Independent International Exposition of Contemporary Photography, October 2018 (The Reef, Los Angeles)
FANFARE-LA, October 2018, (The Reef, Los Angeles)
Open Source, August – September 2018 (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Art Association Benefit Exhibition, July – August 2018 (Gallery 825, Los Angeles)
Electron Salon, July – August 2018 (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles)
Spectrum-Gestalt 5, June – July 2018 (BG Gallery, Santa Monica)
12” of Sin Obscura, May 2018 (Sin City Gallery, Las Vegas)
SEAF, April 2018 (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle)
Detroit Dirty Show, February 2018 (Russell Exhibition Center, Detroit)
Round Hole, Square Peg, January – March 2018 (Long Hall Gallery, West Hollywood, California)
Grayscale Wonderland, January – February 2018 (BG Gallery at FM Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Art Show, January 2018 (Bert Green Fine Art Booth, Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Art Show, January 2018 (BG Gallery Art Booth, Los Angeles)
Follow SameSource on Vero, Facebook, & Instagram.  SameSourcePhoto on Twitter.