WOMEN & BEAUTY curated by Barbara Pickles www.BarbaraPickles.com

Women's roles have changed over time and continue to evolve. What is your idea of beauty and women? Are women today offered a diet of unobtainable beauty and unsustainable gender roles? We want to see images of women that offer inspiration, healthy body images and women that, creatively, express who they are.

Note from Barbara Pickles:  "Work submitted for “Women and Beauty “ was courageous and strong which made picking winners extremely difficult. After consideration there were some that really spoke to me."
Thanks to all that entered our competition and because part of our mission is to help charities, know that though you may not have placed, you HAVE helped two charities. 

A percentage of your artist fees will go to curator Barbara Pickles charity, Studio Channel Islands Art Center www.studiochannelislands.org  and also to first place winner Josette Wyatt's charity Breast Cancer Research Foundation www.bcrfcure.org - Laurie Freitag/ Director: L.A. Photo Curator