Results for "Childhood: Past, Present & Future" curated by Laurie Freitag

Note from Curator Laurie Freitag:
"This competition was very personal for me as I work with children and have dedicated a lot of my time to documenting their experience. I was very impressed with the calibre of work submitted, so much so that I had to take extra time to get my choices right. Initially I chose images that stood out to me on a gut level. Some time passed and I went back to see if those images still rang true. Because choosing is always subjective, I tried to isolate if what I was reacting to was something that was about me or if it was about the work.

Here are my picks:
First Place: Annette LeMay Burke 'My Playhouse'

Second Place: Anne Berry 'Magic Shell'

Third Place: Marsha Guggenheim 'The Portrait'

Honorable Mentions:
Cheryl Clegg 'Tommy 7 Years Old',
Cheryl Clegg 'Brothers',
Chel Delaney 'Can you See Me',
Katie Golobic 'Up the Hill',
Mariette Allen 'Dakota with Bubbles',
Michael Cohen 'A New York Aroma',
Natalie Obermaier 'Panache'
Olesya Konovalova 'Kids of the Test Flight Universe',
Oliver Raschka 'The World Ain't Enough',
Paula Rae Gibson '#8167',
Rita Nannini 'Class Trip',
Ruth Lauer Manenti 'Last week of my Mother's Life 2' 
Samantha Brinkley 'My Father's Signature, My Mother's Hands',
Susan Lirakis 'Boiling River, Continental Divide'

Best Series: Anne Berry

In the past when curating I would stick to the usual 3-5 images for honorable mention. I had to go with thirteen this time because the work really needed special attention drawn to it.

I gave 2 honorable mentions to Cheryl Clegg for 'Tommy 7-Years-Old' and 'Brothers', each image very different from each other. 'Tommy 7 Years Old showing the importance of muscle and might to a little boy and 'Brothers', the routine of daily physicality in how 2 young boys relate to each other.

In Chel Delaney's 'Can you See Me, the playfulness and mystery of being someone else, Katie Golobic 'Up the Hill', the exuberance of the subject is one thing but the fabulous composition of the elements and how they make up the photograph made this a stand out.

'Mariette Allen's 'Dakota with Bubbles' is another blend of a unique moment with the right placement of compositional elements. Michael Cohen has captured the essence of the city with the honesty of the children holding their noses, seemingly unaware of each other doing the same with his photograph 'A New York Aroma.' 

Olesya Konovalova' 'Kids of the Test Flight Universe' in their own world is just delightful and I can almost hear the voices of the children in their behind-the-scenes narrative. 'Panache' by Natalie Obermaier caught my eye later in my choosing. I loved the placement of the girls and their body language. We don't know if they are really as courageous as they seem but the hands on their hips tells us we had better not mess with them. Hands on the hips is similiar to putting on a hat or rather the tools for pulling off an attitude.

I love the confidence of the small rock star in Oliver Raschka's 'The World Ain't Enough' and the small child running towards the camera in #8167 by Paula Rae Gibson. Both images show the relationship between the subject and the photographer really well; the trust, the safety and the intimacy.

Rita Nannini's 'Class Trip' shows an ordinary time in childhood: children having innocent fun on a class trip. My eye was drawn immeditately to the Twin Towers in the background. Suddenly a simple childhood experience is transformed!

In Ruth Lauer Manenti's 'Last week of my Mother's Life 2', the camera captures the far away look that I've seen in many photographs that I've taken of babies, toddlers and children immersed in another world 'seeing' something that so captures their attention completely that it captivates the viewer.

In Samantha Brinkley's image 'My Father's Signature, My Mother's Hands', a very creative yet poignant way to honor the family relationship. This image says so much.

In Susan Lirakis's 'Boiling River, Continental Divide', there is a story here as well. A metaphor for coming of age and how fragile childhood is? The elements come together compositionally creating a beautiful image.

The photographers here each have their own way of seeing, I encourage you to take some time and take in the stories that their images have to tell."
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