There's a history of self portraiture which is changing due to the advent of the cell phone & the rise of “selfie” style image making. There is also a whole new conversation around the differences between the two. We would like you to push the boundaries of your image making and find something more challenging than the ubiquitous cell phone selfies. - Plato actually rejected the concept of creativity, preferring to see art as a form of discovery. Surrender to what has been convenient and think of new levels of art making and think beyond what you see everyday. How do you express your own identity? There are no rules other to make your image as you want it.

Note from Jane Szabo: "“The Creative Self Portrait” is the inaugural contest on LA Photo Curator. The submitted work was truly powerful, making the act of jurying the work incredibly challenging.
Thanks to all that entered our competition and because part of our mission is to help charities, know that though you may not have placed, you HAVE helped two charities. 

A percentage of your artist fees will go to curator Jane Szabo's charity, (Doctors Without Borders help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care) and to first place winner Lauren Vaile's charity,Arts Access Fund (a charitable organization established to open doors to children and youth who have the interest, but not the means, to develop their artistic talent. Scholarships are offered in visual art, drama, music, dance and film making.)- Laurie  Freitag/ Director: L.A. Photo Curator

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