L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry
'Life's Work'
Curator: Laurie Freitag

(An independent curator, fine-art documentary photographer, Founder/Director of L.A. Photo Curator, N.Y. Photo Curator, Printworks print sales newsletter)

The Call:

Freitag says, "What is your Life's Work? What is the pull? What themes surface time and time again? Sometimes without consciously choosing, the work unfolds and what is revealed is powerful and universal. Why is this important? Because your expression has the power to shine a light on what others cannot express.

Please share your innermost journey that your life pulls you towards. Your learning is our learning. Your healing is our healing."


Message from Laurie Freitag to entrants:
This call was really very personal to me as I've been reevaluating my own work. At the start of the year when the competition began I thought that would be a good time to ask what your life's work was. I really took my time in evaluating the submissions as your life's work is as important as it gets. Its defines your life. It tells the viewer who you are on a gut level.

Douglas Stockdale had asked me previous to the call, 
"How does you own life's work influence you in how you will evaluate the submissions to this current exhibition call? What aspect of a submission might resonate with you more? What are you looking for?"

I had responded, "Well there is no right or wrong with art so the submissions will basically be judged on how clearly the artist is able to identify their life’s work and how effective their choices are to convey the feeling the work emotes.

An important theme in my work has to do with validating an experience and being seen. Being that all work entered will be seen in the online exhibition whether they are chosen first, second or honorable mention- that guarantees a visible platform for every artist.

Being that work is all subjective I really cannot say what work will stand out to me. I’m really just looking for honesty in the work and a commitment to the call."

So honesty in the work really is what led me to the decisions I made. Thank you all for submitting your work and I hope you read all the stories that have been submitted along with the images."

First Place: Marna Bell 'Closer to Home 03'

Second Place: Sylvia de Swaan 'Prague to Berlin'

Honorable Mentions:
Kip Harris 'Drill Bit Merchants'
CE Morse- 'Finntown 73'
Harry Longstreet 'Best Pillow

Best Series: Jim McKinniss 'Venice'
10% of artist entry fees goes to the curator's choice of charity. Freitag has chosen the The Seva Foundation. Since 1978, Seva has been working to transform lives by restoring sight in communities with little or no access to eye care. Today, Seva has evolved into a highly effective organization, working with partners in over 20 countries to increase the capacity of local hospitals, and develop sustainable eye care programs.
Another 10% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity. Marna Bell has chosen
St. Jude Children's Hospital.