L.A. Photo Curator Results for 'Surrealism' curated by Lori Pond

A note from curator Lori Pond:
"I would like to thank all the entrants to the exhibit, “Surrealism.” There were submissions from all over the world, and it was truly a delight to see all the different interpretations of the genre.
Surrealism technically means “beyond reality.” According to various sources, It was adopted as a cultural movement that had its origins in Europe post WWI. However, I think Surrealism’s beginnings stretched back much further to the creations of 15th century Dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch. He created fantastical paintings which depicted Heaven and Hell.
Artists who employ surrealism as their creative impulse depict elements of fantasy, and dreamlike, uncanny imagery that has its basis in the subconscious mind.
I'm glad we are able to include all the entrants to the online exhibit, because they all explore Surrealism on their own terms, which is what makes this topic so interesting.
I picked Brenton Hamilton’s “The Split” as the first-place winner in the competition. There is a wavy dividing line in the image—to me, everything above the line represents consciousness, and below the line represents the subconscious mind. Hamilton uses a mysterious visage that is repeated throughout his work that adds to the unreality of the scene, while giving all his work a feeling of continuity amidst the fantastical.
Second-place goes to Leslie Sheryll-Francisca, whose image “Francisca,Nepenthe" captured my imagination. In diptych form, this image struck me with its beauty and intangible borders between what is and what could be.

The Best Series award goes to David Knox, whose black and white and muted color palettes help to define his process. He combines vintage photographs with lush and complex backgrounds that bring the viewer to a secret land, where musicians, animals and swamps abound.
I picked five Honorable Mentions that also represent Surrealism in vastly different ways.

Winds of Change, by Kimberly Schneider is a glorious look into fantasy and wonder.

To Which We Return Untitled #143 by Kristoffer Johnson shows the viewer an abstract look at the human form.

Roadtrip Construction by Stephanie Sydney examines the melding of nature and the built world.

Rejuvenation by Tom Chambers exquisitely looks at ceremony and ritual in an alternate reality.

Twin Arrows by J Jason Lazarus looks into the sky for answers that are missing and/or inscrutable from the ground."
10% of artist entry fees go to charity. 
5% of artist entry fees goes to the curator's choice of charity. Pond has chosen the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Another 5% will go to the first place winner Brenton Hamilton's charity Las Fotos Project. Las Fotos Project’s mission is to elevate the voices of teenage girls & gender-expansive youth from communities of color through photography and mentoring, empowering them to channel their creativity for the benefit of themselves, their community, and future careers.
-ALL ENTRANTS WORK SHOWN IN EXHIBITIONS #1-5 (on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV.)