CALL FOR ENTRY: 'ROOT' with curator Susan Spiritus

Note from Susan Spiritus: Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to the LA PhotoCurator competition for "Root". Indeed there were so many good and thoughtful submissions! It's never an easy task to select those which 'speak to you' and fulfill the task of 'selecting the best' that fulfills your idea as to what best expresses the theme. In this case, 'Root', the very complex and entangled word which can of course be defined at so many levels.

Besides those entrants whose work I selected, Amy Kanka (1st place) and Ellen Jantzen, (2nd place), I wished that there were more categories to fill so that additional submissions could be recognized. While I did recognize several honorable mentions, there were many others that qualified to be considered as well. Thank you for submitting to the competition and for giving me the opportunity to see your work.

Thank you, too, to Laurie Freitag, for giving me the opportunity to curate this competition for LA Photo Curator. It was fun, educational and a great visual exercise!
twitter: @susanspiritus

Susan Spiritus' picks:

1st Place- “I Wish I Knew Her Then” by Amy Kanka
2nd Place- "Heritage" by Ellen Jantzen

Honorable Mentions
1- Theresa Tarara- "Who I am"
2- Marilyn Carren- "Family Tree"
3- Sam Tucibat- "Treehouse"
4- Karen Klinedinst- "Artist Rock"
5- Stella Kalaw- "Artifacts (Kodakan)

A percentage of artist fees goes to 2 charities each competition.

Spiritus has chosen the charity  RaceToEraseMS

First Place Winner Amy Kanka has chosen the One Voice as her charity.

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