L.A. Photo Curator: Call for Entry: 'Certain Places' with curator Karen Klinedinst. 
There are moments when I can wander through my childhood's landscape, through rooms long ago, remember how they were furnished, where the pictures hung on the walls, the way the light fell. It's like a film—little scraps of a film, which I set running and which I can reconstruct to the last detail." Ingmar Bergman

Klinedinst says, “All of us have a connection to certain places. These places can be a part of our everyday life, or places from our past. We use our selective memory when we see the places we are most connected to.

Please share images of the places you feel most connected to—interior and exterior landscapes, real and imagined."

20% of all artist fees go to two charities a month. They're split between the curator's favorite charity and the first place winner's favorite charity.

Klinedinst has selected the Sierra Club as her charity: 
First Place winner Alysia Macaulay has chosen The Women's Alzheimer's Movement as her charity. She says, "I love that you have incorporated a philanthropic element to these shows.  Now more than ever, it's so important and necessary to be reminded that people are doing good in this world and we should all be a part of it."

Note from Karen Klinedinst: "Thank you to all of the artists who submitted work for “Certain Places.” Because the ideas of memory and place are themes in my own work as an artist, I made a conscious effort to go into the selection process with a completely open mind. There was a wide variety of interpretations of this theme and so many images that moved me—from the intimate interior, the urban environment, to the traditional and romantic landscape. My First Place selection of Alysia Macaulay’s Crutches, a dream-like interior surprised me. It was the image I kept coming back to, because it was so different from any other submission of the theme.

I’d also like to thank Laurie Freitag for the opportunity to curate this competition for L.A. Photo Curator. It was an honor to see such a variety of strong work from my fellow fine-art photographers."

"Thank YOU Karen! We waited almost a year to have you curate...well worth the wait!" Laurie Freitag
First Place: Alysia Macaulay -"Crutches"
Second Place: Ilya Trofimenko - "From Somewhere to Nowhere"
Honorable Mentions:
Joann Wanamaker - "Pick Up Game"
Kathryn Reichert - "Decommissioned"
Rachel Martin - "Nana’s Corner"
Tim Creamer - "Twin Sun"
Henry Driftwood - "Old Tires"