THE FIGURE IN THE LANDSCAPE curated by Emma Powell

The relationship between a figure and its landscape context can be powerful. Landscapes are often presented as pristine places, without human presence.  However, figures within landscapes can play dynamic roles as scale elements, protagonists in a narrative, or mysterious presences. Sometimes figures can ask more questions about a place than they can answer. For this exhibition we seek photographs that extend beyond documentation of place to bring a human element into the natural or urban landscape.

Note from Emma Powell: "The quality of photography submitted for “The Figure in the Landscape” competition was impressive. I was grateful to be asked to view work from such talented photographers. There was a wonderful variety of style and interpretation of the theme, and it was very difficult to narrow them down. I want to thank everyone for your contributing your work."
Thanks to all that entered our competition and because part of our mission is to help charities, know that though you may not have placed, you HAVE helped two charities. 

1- A percentage of your artist fees will go to two charities that help children in orphanges. Curator Emma Powell's charity, Watopot-(orphange in Cambodia) and also to the first place winner's charity of choice- Danita's Children (orphanage in Haiti)

Emma Powell writes: "I would like the donation to go to the Wat Opot Community in memory of a dear family friend, Gail Gutradt, who recently passed away. Gail Gutradt, was an artist, an entrepreneur, a photographer, an author, humanitarian and a great lover of life. Gail volunteered extensively at the Wat Opot orphanage in Cambodia. In the Wat Opot community, children whose lives have been shattered by HIV/AIDS are loved, educated and raised to live full lives in the outside world."

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