TOP THREE: Mara Zaslove, (Dispersing the Clouds, Kip Harris (Mother and Daughter, Matancherry) and Donna Bassin (Hypothetical Landscapes 24)
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' TOP THREE: Mara Zaslove, (Dispersing the Clouds, Kip Harris (Mother and Daughter, Matancherry)  and Donna Bassin (Hypothetical Landscapes 24)
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 Review from curator Susan Spiritus:
The winning image for me that best expressed the theme, “What Lies Ahead”? was presented by Mara ZasloveDispersing the Clouds as she captures her subject emerging into the daylight, coming outside with her eyes wide open, but clearly ’still in a fog’ with the clouds ever present after being inside for so many months.

While we cannot see how the subject is dressed, it does appear that with her hair ‘dressed’ and appearing to be just perfect as she steps out into the sunlight - on her way someplace, with a necklace around her neck, that she is ready to tackle the unknown of what’s to come as she steps foot outside. It must have felt a little strange to once again emerge out onto the streets…But it appears that she is clearly forging ahead in spite of the clouds, the unknowns, that still persist.

Mara: Please fill me in on the background to this photograph. I honestly thought that your photograph of Dispersing the Clouds best fulfilled the theme for the competition. 

Did you set this up after hearing about the competition theme or was it already something that you had?

What is it from? 

While I would love to know what was going through her mind at the time (the model),  I’d also like to know what you were thinking when creating this image.”

Mara Zaslove says, "I am so very delighted to receive your recognition of my image: Dispersing the Clouds!

For my birthday in July, my daughter invited me to visit a camp that she works at in Sequoia National Park. It was the first time that I had traveled since being isolated due to Covid. This locale has always been my sanctuary and during my time there, I was revitalized both physically and emotionally.

The beauty around me begged to be captured and I had anticipated taking in-camera, double exposures with my film camera. Upon noticing this lovely, young woman, I asked her if I could take her photo. The camera was set to allow me to take two simultaneous images so after focusing on her face, I directed the lens to the clouds above.  After developing the film, I could not have been more enchanted with the outcome.

This exercise of combining the image of a person with the natural environment is not uncommon in my practice.  My photos always feel like gifts to myself but when using film (as opposed to digital), there is the added suspense of waiting for the images to be exposed.

This composite immediately leapt to my mind in response to “What lies Ahead”.  It seemed to capture how the circumstances created by the pandemic will have a lingering effect for quite some time and how “clouded” our reality has become."

More about Zaslove:

Mara Zaslove says, "My photographs are entries to my soul, connecting the intangible to the tangible through light, time and memory. 

Taking photographs has become as essential to me as breathing air, and in some ways, has evolved into my sixth sense. The images submitted to ‘What Lies Ahead’ metaphorically convey a sense of hope as people venture out to embrace a new reality."

Mara Zaslove is a fine art photographer who thrives on creating visual conversations that embrace the diversity of the human spirit, the universality of aging and the beauty of the natural world.
She received a BA from the University of California, Berkeley and later, a Teaching Credential at U.C.L.A. After completing her MA in Counseling and Guidance from California State, Northridge, she became a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.

Her previous profession as a Child Therapist informs her photographic work and brings a heightened sensitivity to how she perceives the world.

Mara's photographs have been exhibited in juried group shows both nationally and internationally in such venues as The Los Angeles Center for Photography, Gallery 825 (LAAA), Photo LA, SoLa Contemporary, Griffin Museum and the SC Center for Photography. She has had multiple images posted on and has received numerous awards including Honorable Mentions and Finalist in several categories of the 11th-16th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. 

On several occasions, she has been published in F-Stop Magazine and Shadow and Light Magazine.  Multiple images have recently been included in the book titled 'California Love - A Visual Mixtape' curated by Michael Rababy.
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' TOP THREE: Mara Zaslove, (Dispersing the Clouds, Kip Harris (Mother and Daughter, Matancherry)  and Donna Bassin (Hypothetical Landscapes 24)
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"Childhood: These Days By As Though They Knew Where They Were Going”

Kip Harris grew up in a small farming community in Idaho. He holds degrees in English literature from Dartmouth College, in humanities from the University of Chicago, and architecture from the University of Utah. He was a principal of FFKR Architects in Salt Lake City for nearly 30 years.

A serious photographer since the late 80s, he has exhibited in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe with four solo and over a hundred group shows. He has been published in Shots Magazine, The Photo Review, Black and White,, Street Photography Magazine, Barren Magazine, aCurator, Life Force, and a number of on-line photographic sites. 

He now lives on the South Shore of Nova Scotia in an 1823 cottage overlooking the St. Margaret’s Bay. He and his wife created Company X Puppets (a highly portable puppet, dance, theater group established to present intimate mixed media works).

Recent Career Events:
Black & White Magazine, “Portfolio Contest 2020,” Spotlight Award, October 2021, Cover
Dek Unu Magazine, “Featured Artist: Kip Harris,” October 2021
Street Photography Magazine, “On Being Seen,” sometime before December 2021


Mother and Daughter, Jaipur
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School Girls, Kerala
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L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' TOP THREE: Mara Zaslove, (Dispersing the Clouds, Kip Harris (Mother and Daughter, Matancherry)  and Donna Bassin (Hypothetical Landscapes 24)

Donna Bassin says, "Hypothetical Landscapes consists of a series of constructed fictive landscape portraits, reflecting my artistic reaction to the environmental crisis.

Many photographers since the 1970s have raised our consciousness by capturing the environment’s destruction by careless human involvement. The significance and visual impact of these influential records of our actions is undeniable.

My response to this ongoing issue is focused on efforts to care for our shared Earth through an artistic call for collective mobilization and communal stewardship. I am transforming real landscapes into fictional portraits of our shared world freed from narratives of place, becoming borderless, and transcending specific sites to suggest our interconnectedness and global interdependence. In part, this is a utopian vision, but the possibility of care and renewal of our planet is dependent on our relations with others.

In this series, photographs are constructed by combining and overlaying landscapes and elements from different environments. And, although grounded in the material reality of specific locations, ultimately, they aren’t about one particular place.

I rely on strategies of composition, color, and texture to suggest a fictive visual unification. Part of the landscape is printed on photo-sensitive rice paper and overlayed onto another photograph, attaching the two with Japanese Washi tape or antiquated photo corners. In some of the pictures, elements from one landscape are visibly ripped from their landscape of origin and then mended together with the tape.

These torn pieces of our natural world are fragilely held together to stop them from getting lost and engage the viewer with visceral materiality. The use of the photo corners with their associations to scrapbooks and souvenirs of past experiences suggests a warning that our unspoiled natural environments might become imaginary and nostalgic without collaborative care. That is, a wake-up call challenging our belief in the “going on being” of nature."

Donna Bassin, Ph.D., is an award-winning photographer, artist, author, professor, and filmmaker.

Influenced by her work as a clinical psychologist and her experiences working with war veterans and at Ground Zero, Donna uses art to explore the creative edge of collective loss, grief, mourning, and transformation.

She is known for her documentaries, Leave No Soldier and The Mourning After, and her series The Afterlife of Dolls – an exhibition that was featured on PBS' State of the Arts and received a Golden Bell and Gradiva Award. She was selected as a recipient for the 2021 New Jersey Council on the Arts Fellowship in Photography. 

Her work has been shown in numerous group exhibitions stretching from New York City to Los Angeles. Her photographs have also been commissioned for book covers and private collections.

 Donna has contributed portraits from her series, My Own Witness, to Smack Mellon Gallery for their exhibition of Bound Up Together: On the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, and to the Her Flag project (, where she created the stripe for New Jersey, which was displayed at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. on Flag Day of 2021.

Donna's current projects, My Own Witness: Rupture and Repair and Precious Scars, explore the human desire for reconciliation in the wake of social fractures. The former was recently featured in the Newark Museum for the 2021 New Jersey Arts Annual: ReVision and Respond as well as a solo exhibition at the Soho Photo Gallery in New York City.

By Our Own Hand, an installation designed by Donna in collaboration with Frontline Arts, will be shown at the Montclair Art Museum in September 2021. Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, it will consist of handmade paper made from military uniforms to serve as a reflective space.

Career Highlights: 


 B.A. Sociology, University of Michigan, 1971

M.P.S. Art Therapy and Creativity Development, Pratt Institute, 1978

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, 1983. Union Graduate School and S.U.N.Y / Downstate Medical Center

Psychoanalytic Certificate, 1988. Institute of Psychoanalytic Training and Research

International Center of Photography

Current Professional Affiliations:

Assistant Clinical Professor, New York University, Post-Doctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

Faculty, Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies, New York, N.Y.

Co-founder and Member of the Board, Frontline Arts, New Jersey

Member of the American Psychological Association, Division 39 Section 9

Solo Exhibitions:

My Own Witness: Rupture and Repair, Soho Photo Gallery, New York, NY

Playing Around, Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ

Memories: Ascending/Descending, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ

The Afterlife of Dolls, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ


By Our Own Hand: Frontline Arts in Collaboration with Donna Bassin, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ; September 2021 – August 2022

Her Flag, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.

Prayers for the Pandemic; Prayers for Progress; Prayers the Planet; Prayers for the Presidency!, Drawing Rooms, Jersey City, NJ

Bound Up Together: On the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY

Art4Equality x Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness, SaveArtSpace/Art4Equality; Billboard at McGuinness Blvd and Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY

Art Off-Screen, Neumeraki – curated by Eileen Jeng Lynch, D*FIT Studio, Montclair, NJ

Cherry Blossoms in Winter, Rutgers – Newark, Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ

Awards and Grants:


New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation – Individual Artist Fellowship in Photography

First Place – Los Angeles Center of Photography’s 5th annual juried exhibition: Exploring Humanity

Curator’s Choice – ProArts Jersey City

Honorable Mention for Segregation and Human Rights in the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Photography Gala Awards

NAAP Gradiva Award for “The Mourning After”

Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing, Video Grant for “The Mourning After”

Leave No Soldier, Director/Producer. Documentary. Official Selection of the Rhode Island International Film Festival, The Big Muddy, New Filmmakers Festival, Best Director at the First Glance Film Festival and Merit award at the Accolade Film Festival

The American Psychological Association, Division 39 Section IX Achievement Award

Group Exhibitions:

Transformed: Objects Reimagined by American Artists, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ

New Jersey Arts Annual: ReVision and Respond, Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

The Empowering, Pro Arts Jersey City, Jersey City, NJ

Privilege, Power and Everyday Life, Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ

For Which It Stands, Ford Foundation Gallery and Assembly Room, New York, NY

Exploring Humanity, 5th Annual Fine Art Exhibition, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA

Artists for Social Justice, Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College, New York, NY

Artists for Social Justice, Arc Gallery & Educational Foundation, Chicago, IL

Portrait 2020, SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC

Art4Equality x Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness, SaveArtSpace/Art4Equality; The Untitled Space, New York, NY

Her Flag, Old Barracks Museum, Trenton, NJ

Little by Little, Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ

State of the Art 2019, Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ

Contemporary Portraiture: To See Each Other, Passaic County Arts Center, Hawthorne, NJ

ViewPoints 2019, Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ

Armistice Day 2018, Puffin Cultural Forum – Frontline Arts, Teaneck, NJ

Call & Response: The Art of Listening, 1978 Maplewood Arts Center, Maplewood, NJ

Natural Encounters, N.Y. Photo Curator – Global Photography Awards

Viewpoints 2018, Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ