First Place: Kimberly Chiaris
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' First Place: Kimberly Chiaris (Click on image for larger view)
REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE by Kimberly Chiaris
First Place Winner
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Review by Blue Mitchell :"This double-sided scroll depicts the duality of fantasy and reality as well as explores memory, ancestry and future hopes. The scroll format feels important, precious, and resembles an ancient text. When rolled and stowed in the vessel, it signifies potential. Potential energy, life, dreams, hopes, and lores. Remember who you are and open yourself to who you aren’t."

Can you tell us why you’ve chosen this scroll format?"

Kimberly Chiaris says, "I chose a scroll format to create a non linear visual record and narrative history. I created it with two ideas in mind. First, this scroll book is a celebration of my daughter and a declaration of who she is. It’s a call to remember. Second, it is a universal narrative about the imprint we leave and the legacy, values and memories we pass on to our families and future generations. The physical elements in the scroll format play an important roll in this piece too. It represents a life unfurling. It is to be held with reverence, gentleness, and respect, slowly read and carefully handled. The curves of the pages make the content a mystery that draws the viewer into an interactive communion. 

Mitchell asks, "What about the scroll container? How do you feel it strengthens your goal for the work?

Chiaris says, "The container for this piece is how it began. It was the foundation structurally and conceptually. I sometimes search antique stores for odd shaped objects that call to me. I love how old objects already have an intrigue and a story from a past life. They may have had a specific function but are no longer needed. They wait for new purpose. This wooden cradle intrigued me.The shape of the concave curve fascinated me. The small size and the way it sat at an angle just right to hold something for display made me think of a scroll book. I thought of how it would present, protect and support the scroll. It began to inform and put shape to ideas that were brewing in the back of my mind. I added objects to support the idea of the cradle as an ancient and wise body. It is composed of wood, bone, animal skin (parchment), pressed tin, gold dust, shellac and even hand forged nails. I enjoy making unique works of art that are not reproducible or replaceable.This one of a kind piece supports and strengthens the scroll’s story about the unique and intrinsic value of a person."
Kimberly Chiaris says, "How do we remember who we are and where we came from? By holding onto
belongings our loved ones leave behind when they die? Treasuring written and oral stories passed down to future generations? Recording our own stories? These artifacts of our lives can become shades of allusive memories that are compressed, reinterpreted, or even forgotten within a generation or two. Things once cherished canbe lost, destroyed, tossed or given away.
In this series of work, I layer images together to create personal venerated relics that hint at a universal story of origin, history, identity, loss and trace memory.

 I am interested in how personal histories are recorded and remembered. We understand our own history through personal and emotional recollections, written records, family momentos, photographs, oral and written stories. All of these are pieces of a puzzle that can give us glimpses into our past but none are thoroughly complete. Memory is fluid and subjective and open to reinterpretation. Add time to the factor and memory becomes even less reliable. I have 3 adult children.

Each family member has a unique recollection and interpretation of their childhood years. I am intrigued by the imprint (intentional or not) that we as parents left on our children, and the way they now process and understand themselves as well as their past based on some of those illusive impressions and memories. The scroll has historical roots as an ancient form of record keeping used to document events, letters, financial transactions and stories. These ancient scrolls are invaluable resources that help us try to understand past cultures, their values, histories, ethics and customs, yet it only gives us a tiny glimpse into who they were. History was molded by the people that took the time to write."
Kimberly Chiaris was born in Phoenix Arizona and resides in Colorado. She received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute majoring in Photography. Her interest lies mainly in hand made processes that are “objects of desire”. Her practices often involve digital composites combined with analog and alternative processes that include elements of mixed media. Her focus is mainly on themes about origin, history, identity, and trace memory. She exhibits her work in galleries and magazines around the United
States. Kimberly also loves teaching and igniting curiosity in people through art
processes. She has taught numerous photo based art classes and workshops at
Universities, Colleges, Museums, galleries, and nonprofit organizations.

Additional review by curator Jane Szabo: "What is not to love about a photographer who thinks outside the box on how to present photographic imagery?
Kimberly Chiaris' lovely scroll 'Remember Who You Are' speaks to the birth of an individual, and the larger universe. The luscious blue against the warm wood makes this a perfectly assembled presentation."
Amanda Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX
Unique-Alternative Process Juror- Christina Z Anderson
PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT
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Juror - Kate Breakey Honorable Mention
The Hand Magazine
Issue 17 and Issue 18
Amanda Smith Gallery Johnson City, TX Blue2 Juried Show
Juror - Melanie Walker Jurors Selection for "A Short Story”
FotoFest 2016, Houston, TX "A Hope, Prayer, and a Dream" Wheat Pasting Exhibition for Main Street Projects
Shootapalooza Collective, a community of photographers whose focus is placed on
alternative processes and sharing ideas.
Jurors- Laura Corley Burlton and Martha Brasted Corn
Amanda Smith Gallery Johnson City, Texas
Lumens Juried Show Juror - Vicki Richardson Reed
The Hand Magazine
Issues 15 and 16
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Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary
Honorable Mention
Amanda Smith Gallery Blue2
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Colorado Photographic Arts Center
Personal Vision Award-Two Person Exhibition
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Dean's List of Academic Achievement
Connie Griffith Memorial Photography Award for Outstanding Achievement 
Shootapalooza Photographic Collective Center for Fine Art Photography Colorado