Second Place-Judy Brown
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Second Place-Judy Brown (Click on image for larger view)
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Curator Carol Erb says, "Judy's Brown's image drew my attention for it's fantastic technical skill, and also for the way it transports me to that barn. I can really feel the chill of the air, hear the bleating, and sense that warm humid breath of the lamb. This type of work rarely brings me back for a second look, but it's done so well here, that I have to look again."
Judy Brown says, "As a child growing up in a small town in Texas I dreamed of living on a farm surrounded by animals.    
In suburban Massachusetts a couple of years ago,  I  discovered that my fantasy farm exists just up the street.    Visiting the farm I  formed attachments with the animals and have made images in my style developed over the last decade. Concentrating on fine detail  not apparent to the naked eye,  I find beauty  in dirty faces  and dripping saliva.                          
My images focus closely on individual animals. I capture their personalities and humanlike qualities - their questions, their curiosity, their wish for affection, and their offer of friendship  along with their ever powerful appetites.  Ideally I hope my images might help lead to more humane treatment for these animal  such as advocated by Temple Grandin; and to a view of them as similar to our pets and worthy of being a "cause" like the prevention  of  cruelty to domestic animals."
Following a career as Professor of Physics at Wellesley College and Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab, Judy Brown has combined her long-time passions for animals and photography.  She is particularly interested in form, texture, and lighting in images and is attracted to subjects for their simplicity and beauty of form. Her "Elliott" portfolio of a spirited pony in his stall has been given a number of solo shows including two in Griffin Museum satellite galleries and an MIT Architecture Department Tele-exhibit. Six images from the portfolio "Far from the Madding Crowd" will be shown in a two person show at the Griffin Museum Satellite gallery, Sowa, this spring.  Selections from her "Antique Skin" and  "Elliott" portfolios as well as other images have been selected for over a dozen juried exhibitions including  Asbury University, Wilmore, KY "The Horse: A Juried Exhibit" ,  Texas Photographic Society Members Only Show , and SE Center for Photography "The Contemporary Nude". Most recently she has spent much of her time photographing the animals on a farm in South Natick, MA consummating a childhood passion for farms and animals while growing up in rural Texas. 
In the last decade Brown has taken several courses at Rhode Island School of Design  and New England School of Photography. She has also taken studio art courses in drawing and design at Wellesley College.  Workshops include Equine Photography in Southern France with Tony Stromberg, Maine Media's  "A Certain Alchemy" with Keith Carter,  and Atelier 26 with Meg Birnbaum at the Griffin Museum of Photography.
Solo Exhibits
MIT Dept of Architecture PlaZma tele-exhibit October 2009
"Equine Images" - Sherborn Inn 3/12 - 4/9 2012
"Elliott" - The Griffin Museum at The Cambridge Homes 8/6 - 10/1 2012 "Elliott" - The Griffin Museum at Aberjona River Gallery 12/6 - 2/24 2012- 2013
"Equine Portraits" - Wellesley Free Library September 2016
"Equine Portraits" - Dover Town Library 5/13 - 7/15 2017
Group Exhibits:
Asbury University, Wilmore, KY "The Horse: A Juried Exhibit" 9/20-11/6 2010
Juror: Dr. Linda Stratford, associate professor of art juror
Equine Ideal Photo Contest 3rd place Head Study 2011
Texas Photographic Society Members Only Show 1/9 - 3/9 2012
Juror: Henry Horenstein
Photoplace "The Four Seasons" “On-Line Annex.” 2/14 - 3/10 2012
Juror: David Middleton
Interview with Clara Lieu 8/10 2012
"Teague to Winchester" - Sunday lecture at Griffin Museum 11/21 2012
Center for Fine Art Photography "Portraits" 2/15 – 3/23 2013
Juror: Charles Guice
Photoplace Annex ``The Magic of Light" Jan 2013 2013
Juror: Aline Smithson
Newburyport Art Association 16th Annual Regional Juried Show 4/26 - 5/27 2013
Juror: Al Miner
PhotoPlace Gallery "Self Portrait" 5/21 -6/15 2013
Juror: Caleb Cole
PhotoPlace Gallery " Looking Back: The Art of Nostalgia " 8/13 - 9/6 2013
Juror: Mary Ann Lynch
The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN) November 2013
Kiernan Online Gallery " Expressions: Contemporary Portraiture" 4/2 - 4/26 (2 images) 2014
Juror: Robin Rice
Broadmoor Mass Audubon Sanctuary, Natick, MA September 2014
Equine Ideal Photo Contest 4th place Artistic 2015
Curated Frig Aug/Sept 2015
Juror: Caleb Cole
SE Center for Photography "The Contemporary Nude" March 2016
Juror: Bernard Gerson
PhotoPlace Gallery "Animalia" Online Gallery March 23 - April 22 2016
Juror: Traer Scott
A Smith Gallery "Old" May 20 - June 26 2016
Juror: Peter Turnley
Oldtown Calendar 2009-2016
The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN) 2016
Library and bank exhibits: Framingham(2 exhibits), Wayland, Natick (7 exhibits),
Middlesex Bank 2008-2016
Griffin Museum Solstice Exhibit 2013-2016
Griffin Museum 23rd Juried Exhibition for Instagram 6/24 - 9/1 2017
Juror: Paula Tognarelli
Griffin Museum Atelier 26 Exhibit September 2017
A Smith Gallery "Animalia" 9/15 - 10/29 2017
Honorable Mention for "Baby's Breath with Liam"
Juror: Traer Scott
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