Honorable Mentions-Susan Lapides, "Eleanor, Age 6" Beth Dubber, "Burbank" Dale Niles, "In the Mountains" Michael Koch, "Absprung, 2015" Kathryn Reichert, "Cove"
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions-Susan Lapides, "Eleanor, Age 6"  Beth Dubber, "Burbank"  Dale Niles, "In the Mountains" Michael Koch, "Absprung, 2015" Kathryn Reichert, "Cove" (Click on image for larger view)
ELEANOR AGE 6 by Susan Lapides
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Susan Lapides says of her series, 'Crustaceans', "These portraits recall pictures of fishermen holding up their “Big Catch” – in this case, girls over the course of multiple years pose with lobsters. These girls have inherited the traditions of their small fishing community, St. George; set on the edge of the Bay of Fundy (which you see as the backdrop in each photo), the town depends on the fishing industry, including the lobster. While each of these girls invokes generations of maritime culture and history, she also adds her own personal flair and challenges the status quo.

The girls hold their places in the landscape with strength and handle the spiky crustaceans in their hands with determination: some cradle, some squirm, some raise it aloft triumphantly. Each portrait blends a sense of nostalgia and forward movement – as the girls recall the rich cultural history of St. George, they also revamp the traditions in a way that works for them. 

In these portraits, I also hope to capture a sense of our current political moment, an era in which girls and women – silenced and sidelined for far too long – now stand front and center. These girls won’t step aside. They fill the frame and command our attention, insisting that their stories matter too. As the larger feminist women’s movement pushes for change in Hollywood and Washington, D.C., these girls bring that same spirit home to St. George.

This series is ongoing as each girl will be photographed each summer for many years to come, holding a lobster, in the same spot with the same background."

Susan Lapides is an American photographer, whose work focuses on people, culture, and place. An accomplished fine art photographer with a strong background in editorial photography, Lapides is a sensitive and passionate visual storyteller. Her subjects range from portraits of visionaries and girls holding lobsters to the fishing communities of New Brunswick, Canada.

Lapides is a graduate of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. As a professional photographer, she worked on assignment for many major clients, such as the Smithsonian Magazine, Life, Time, Forbes, US News & World Report, Condé Nast Traveler, People, Unicef, Harvard University Art Museums, Worcester Art Museum, and American Repertory Theater. Two of the highlights of her early professional career were photographing President Barack Obama for the Trump Shuttle Magazine, then the first African American editor of the Harvard Law Review and photographing Rose Kennedy on the occasion of her 91st birthday.

Lapides has shown her work widely. Her solo exhibitions include the Griffin Museum of Photography (Winchester, MA) Fidelity Investments Communication + Advertising (Boston, MA), Sunbury Shores Art Center and the Saint John Centre for the Arts (both in New Brunswick, Canada), The Curated Fridge, (Somerville MA.)

Her group exhibitions include the Blue Sky Gallery (Portland, OR), Houston Center for Photography (TX), Rayko Photo Center (San Francisco, CA), Los Angeles Center for Photography, Danforth Art Museum (Framingham, MA), Lesley University (Boston, MA), Panopticon Gallery (Boston, MA). She has also won several awards for her photography including Honorable Mention at the Rayko Gallery in San Francisco. On line St. George will be featured in Fraction issue 109, and Crustaceans is on a virtual gallery of the Griffin Museum website.  For her editorial work she received multiple gold awards at the ASMP Big Picture Shows and from the Advertising Photographers of America.. Her work is in private and public collections. Lapides resides in Boston, Massachusetts and St. George in New Brunswick, Canada.

L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions-Susan Lapides, "Eleanor, Age 6"  Beth Dubber, "Burbank"  Dale Niles, "In the Mountains" Michael Koch, "Absprung, 2015" Kathryn Reichert, "Cove" (Click on image for larger view)
BURBANK by Beth Dubber
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Beth Dubber says, "I love photographing people. I enjoy my many interactions with strangers as well as familiar faces. With each person, I receive new information, about life, experience, things I never thought I would learn from others. Being open to these exchanges adds richness to my life, to me as a person. Regarding my photography, I hope the viewer may feel familiarity, comfort, curiosity, and joy when looking at my images. 

My main squeeze is my digital 35mm Canon; I also use my Hasselblad medium format camera. Sometimes I experiment with my Zeiss lenses on my digital camera, I also have a Holga toy lens for fun."

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH., Dubber earned double B.A.’s, one in German and the other in Studio Art from Cleveland State University. 

Making her way to Los Angeles in 2003, she began a career as a unit set photographer in the entertainment industry where she currently works on feature films and television. 

Her fine art photography has been published in the NY Times Lens Blog, US of America Magazine, numerous online exhibitions and has show work in many groups show in and around LA as well as Cleveland, Ohio.



2020- Scheduled
The Brand Gallery - Group Exhibition, Glendale, CA.

Brewery Artists' Art Walk, Los Angeles, CA.
One Louder- Group Exhibition, Neutra Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

11th Annual Inglewood Open Studio, Inglewood, CA.
Fresh 15 – Group Exhibition, LACP, Los Angeles, CA.
It’s a Sign Photography Exhibition, Group Show, 1650 Gallery, Juror: Andrew Overtoom
Photo Independent Art Fair – Group Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
Third Annual Street Shooting Exhibition- LACP, Los Angeles, CA, Juror: Craig Semetko
Street Shooting Around the World Exhibition Online, Juror: Craig Semetko
Favorite Photograph Exhibition, Lenscratch, Online

Xposed, Group Show, LACP, Los Angeles, CA
10th Annual Inglewood Open Studio, Inglewood, CA
Residency Gallery, Inglewood, CA- Group Show
Last Days of Summer Exhibition, Lenscratch, Online

f16, New Photographic Visions- Group Show, LACP, Los Angeles, CA
Bathing Suits and Sunburns Exhibition, Lenscratch, Online

Snow Exhibition, Lenscratch, Online

The Last Exhibition –Alumni, Group Show, Cleveland State Univ. Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Curator: Tim Knapp

Where The Girls Are, The Continental Gallery, Group Show, Los Angeles, CA 

A Tribute to Masumi Hyashi, Group Show, Cleveland State Univ., Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH

L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions-Susan Lapides, "Eleanor, Age 6"  Beth Dubber, "Burbank"  Dale Niles, "In the Mountains" Michael Koch, "Absprung, 2015" Kathryn Reichert, "Cove" (Click on image for larger view)
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Dale Niles says, "I have taken photos for over 40 years, from film to digital, from wet darkroom to the digital darkroom of the computer.  

Photography is one way that I am able to experience the moment and reconnect with myself. I am quite eclectic in the subjects I choose to shoot, anything is fair game. I look to create a story when I shoot or create an image. I like to spin a tale. 

My wish is that my imagery creates an intimate conversation that takes the viewer to a place of quiet contemplation because it is my visual representation of conversation and feelings.  

My photography creates a legacy of all the sacred and beautiful things that I am privileged to experience in my time here. The fragility of life is a catalyst for me to do what I can to preserve it one frame at a time and in doing so I hope that it says that I too existed.  I had an accident when I was younger where I nearly lost my sight in one eye and I believe that has made me want to visually soak up everything I see and preserve it.

I was born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised in small North Carolina towns. I spent my younger years moving from place to place as my dad was a civil engineer who designed bridges and the family moved once the job was completed.  I currently live in Fayette County, Georgia."

Dale Niles was born in Norfolk, Virginia. She received her BA in sociology from Lenoir Rhyne College in Hickory, NC. Upon graduation she interned as a probation officer. 

Recent and upcoming exhibits include APG Gallery for Portfolio 2018, Brickworks Gallery in Atlanta, Depth of Field in Carmael, California, Arts Clayton Gallery in Jonesboro, GA, Slow Exposures in Georgia, MOCA GA in Atlanta, Rankin Gallery in Columbus, Georgia and Horace Williams House in Chapel Hill, NC. 

Online her work has appeared in NYC4PA "One" exhibit, Chromatic Photo Awards​, International Photography awards, Santa Fe Workshops, Moscow International Foto Awards and she was awarded the gold prize in the Tokyo International Foto Awards.
Publications include Light and Shadow Magazine, SXSE Magazine, Shots and Oxford America.


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L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions-Susan Lapides, "Eleanor, Age 6"  Beth Dubber, "Burbank"  Dale Niles, "In the Mountains" Michael Koch, "Absprung, 2015" Kathryn Reichert, "Cove" (Click on image for larger view)
ABSPRUNG, 2015 by Michael Koch
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In his ongoing series "eternal collection" Michael Koch combines photographs of nature and science and its (re)presentation. The pictures in this series are about the space between the imagined and real. Taken in his studio and museums of natural history around Europe, the photographs show bones, skulls and animals isolated from their natural habitat.


Michael Koch was born 1973  in Braunschweig, he lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.

He studied communication design, art and photography and history of photography in Essen,
at Folkwang University, from 1998 to 2004 (Diploma).
His photographic work was exhibited internationally - 
in Germany at Galerie Voss, Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, Museum für angewandte Kunst Gera and Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus Augsburg; at LosAngeles Center for Digital Art, Photo Miami, USA; Millepiani, Rome, Italy and in the National Portrait Gallery in London, UK, to name a few.

He received several awards - like in the John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award in 2002, 
Aenne-Biermann-Prize for contemporary german photography in 2005, MonochromePhotography Awards 2016 - or in the Nominee Award in Nature in the 2017 Photogrvphy Grant.

Koch has been featured in: Der Greif, magazine for photography and literature, phases magazine, supermassiveblackhole magazine, and U Mag, Magazin der Popkultur und Gegenwart.

(full list of exhibitions on: http://michael-koch.jimdo.com/exhibitions/ )
(full list of awards on: http://michael-koch.jimdo.com/cv/ )
(full list of publications on: http://michael-koch.jimdo.com/publications/ )





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L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions-Susan Lapides, "Eleanor, Age 6"  Beth Dubber, "Burbank"  Dale Niles, "In the Mountains" Michael Koch, "Absprung, 2015" Kathryn Reichert, "Cove" (Click on image for larger view)
COVE by Kathryn Reichert
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Kathryn Reichert says, "The series “How My Son Sees It” began as an attempt to capture the spirit that my son imparts on his toys when he plays with them. I would find myself overwhelmed by his absolute absorption in these imaginary worlds he created just for them. To him, they are much more than plastic animals; they are ambassadors from a far-away place and commanders of great adventures. To me, his love for his partners-in-crime has been a constant reminder of the happiness and curiosity that comes with letting our imaginations run wild and exist in other places, even if only for an afternoon.

All of these images were created with plastic toy animals, roughly three inches in length. Their individual habitats were constructed with various household supplies, including paper, mirrors, flour, ice, decorative stones and fake household plants."


Kathryn Reichert was born and raised in New Jersey. Her restlessness and love of adventure kept her traveling along the eastern seaboard whenever possible and she found she enjoyed photographing all of the moments along the way. She was stationed in Alaska as a soldier in the US Army for a few years and loved it there so much that she has remained since.

She returned to school in 2015 to pursue bachelors degrees in both business and the arts at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her current projects utilize forced perspective and manipulation as a means of exploring imaginary places and "what-if" scenarios. She mainly shoots digital imagery but enjoys incorporating film and alternative processes into her workflow.

Her work has been shown in galleries across the US and internationally. Some recent exhibitions she has participated in include “People and Winter” with the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece, “Vernacular” with L.A. Photo Curator, “Transformations” with the PA Center for Photography and “64th Parallel” with the Fairbanks Arts Association in Fairbanks, AK. She has also recently had worked published in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal and The Hand Magazine. She was also awarded an Honorable Mention in Photographer’s Forum 38th Annual Best of College and High School Photography Contest.