First Place: Mara Zaslove
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' First Place: Mara Zaslove (click on image for larger view)
PINK LEMONADE by Mara Zaslove
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Curator Laurie Freitag: "Congratulations to first place winner Mara Zaslove for her image 'Pink Lemonade' for L.A. Photo Curator's competiton 'S'mores & Fireflies!' This image jumps off the page with all the ingredients that make up the fun and whimsy of summertime fun and food. It’s a nostalgic look at childhood -- reminiscent of Norman Rockwell’s reflections of American life and culture in his1955 image, ‘Lemonade Stand.’ Sixty years later, the theme holds up. Who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing the innocence of enterprise? This is the modern version - artistic font on the Lemonade sign, a dog in a chair, and pink lemonade instead of the more traditional variety. The only thing missing is the price. Rockwell’s lemonade was 5c. Perhaps this lack of a number reflects another modern theme that is being taught to children today - empathy, gratitude and giving back. If the price omission is intentional from either the children or Zaslove’s framing, then this image hits on the best American quality of all: hope."

Curator Laurie Freitag asks Zaslove: What drew you to this scene and how does it relate to your own personal view of life?

Mara Zaslove: "I am often amazed at what I see just walking in my neighborhood. This scene captivated me as it conjured up images from my own childhood.  

These children and their dog seemed to be enjoying the experience of selling lemonade while communicating  with each other and those stopping by.  It is the epitome of encouraging autonomy and social interaction, so much more compelling than being addicted to 'a cell phone'.  'Simple play' is such a significant part of a child's development and hopefully, will not fall by the wayside in light of all the technological advances 
that have become embraced by society."

Curator Richard S. Chow: "The image fills to the rim with memories of summer fun - especially in a super hot day and we do get a lot of that in So Cal - How cool would that be with an ice-cold lemonade. That said, it fits the theme extremely well. It is much deeper than a snap, highlighted with its focal point of looking at the dog as well as in the direction of the lemonade, the expressions of every key element accentuates the enjoyment of summer. And the composition works... A good example of the decisive moment in classic street photography.  In summary I like it and congratulations to Mara!"

Curator Susan Spiritus: "
As a
 new juror to LA Photo Curator photo competition, I am happy to write a brief commentary on your choice of the winning submission, "Pink Lemonade" by Mara Zaslove, submitted to S'Mores & Fireflies.
I think 'summertime, funtime' are appropriate words to describe your choice, as "Pink Lemonade" is delightful, fun, and illustrates a favorite summer pastime besides that of being entrepreneurial.

However, I think a lemonade stand is a pretty rare sight today in our heavily dependent 'tech laden' society, as most kids wouldn't be out there (on the street) without their devices! Surely these two have them, but are more consumed at the moment with the task at hand.
We can only imagine that if the devices were present and being used, they'd be using them to text their friends to stop by for a drink! Of course! 
I loved the composition of the photograph with the concrete pathway leading directly down to the major players...where we see 'little sis' peering over her older siblings shoulder...who takes center stage.

I totally agree that Mara Zaslove's framing
of the image is just perfect! I'm certain, however, that the information we are seemingly missing is there but she
has chosen not to show it, leaving much to the imagination."
When she looks through her camera, Mara is drawn towards a composition that tells a story. Her focus is on a variety of motifs and she often relies on natural light to reflect an array of patterns and relationships.
Ms. Zaslove grew up in a family that embraced the arts. She found that this early exposure permeates her sense of balance and style. Primarily self-taught, she has enjoyed being exposed to a spectrum of art and learning. Her ardor for photography has allowed her to express herself in a visual conversation.
Photography has ignited a passion that has interwoven Mara's view of the world with her life experiences. The outcome results in an unfolding documentation of the world in which we live.
Her work has been shown in galleries both in the United States and Abroad.
More information on her photography can be seen on her website at