HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mariana Bartolomeo 'Alchemy', Laurie Peek 'Candlestick', Barbara Hazen 'Spoon Molds', Claudia-Cebrian 'Promised-Land-Peony01', Juergen Lechner 'Camera Obscura Playground'
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mariana Bartolomeo 'Alchemy', Laurie Peek 'Candlestick', Barbara Hazen 'Spoon Molds', Claudia-Cebrian 'Promised-Land-Peony01', Juergen Lechner 'Camera Obscura Playground' HONORABLE MENTION
ALCHEMY by Mariana Bartolomeo
Cyanotype on Linen
(Click on image for larger view)

Mariana Bartolomeo says, "My artwork is a means of exploring the nature of mystical experiences that are at once personal and universal. I seek to express the rich and uncanny mysteries of interior life in contrast to the stark wonders of the external world. I am guided by my own imagination, memories, reflections, and technical challenges of materials and methods, in order to develop visual, contemplative metaphors. Often I am searching for expressed documentary.

My motivation, regardless of photographic methods, theme or subject, is to investigate the question: “What is it like to...?"
I also enjoy the challenges of working across mediums in analogue, alternative processes,  printmaking,  installation, hand-made books, narrative documentary
and textiles.

I have been a professional artist for 45 years.My father gave me my first camera in 1960 when I was 6 years old; A Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. One year later he began to show me how to use chisels and engraving tools in his shop. Two years later he passed along an Argus 75TLR, a Polaroid Swinger and  roll of blueprint paper.

I still make good use of all three cameras and the hand tools. My mother instilled in me a love of learning, museums and books. My formal education began with the Foreign Student Study League in Florence, Italy. I have my MFA (printmaking and art history) from the University of Kansas graduating with honors and 5 academic awards. I completed a two year residency with Master Printer John Talleur at Holiseventh Press and Master Book Artist Linda Samson-Talleur of Genestra Press . During undergrad and graduate school I worked as a Sports Photographer, scientific illustrator and adjunct faculty.

I spent 15 years teaching in university settings, am a published author, and proprietress of Virtu Studio, LLC. and Thunderhead Press. I exhibit my work internationally. Private collections include parties in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Taiwan, the Cathedral Foundation, the Beijing Natural Cultural Center and the Center for Fine Art Photography.

The Photo Review; Hand Magazine; Diffusion Magazine: The Matter of Light

Texas Photographic Society, The Print Center - Philadelphia, Center for Fine Art Photography, Professional Women Photographers-NYC, Griffin Museum of Art, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Art Intersection Gallery,  Baren Printmakers Forum , F295, Nolo Photo Alliance, Filter Photo Festival, Seities Gallery, and Los Angeles Center of Photography, Southeast Center for Photography,
New York Center for Photographic Arts, 1650 Gallery NYC,
ASmith Gallery TX

I am represented by Primo Piano Livingallery, Lecce, Italy and Bob Carlson Fine Art, Kansas City, MO."

Career Highlights:
1. CHARTER MEMBER: Women in Photography International

2. (Featured Photographer) -
Cyanotype: The Blueprint in Contemporary Practice (Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography) 1st Edition by Christina Z. Anderson, 2019

3. JUROR/CURATOR:exhibits and installations at Tilt Gallery, Scottdale, AZ; Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, AZ; University of Kansas;

4. ART DIRECTOR: Shootapalooza Womens Photography Collective

5. Texas Photographic Society -National Photography Award
      (Top Ten) 2019

L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mariana Bartolomeo 'Alchemy', Laurie Peek 'Candlestick', Barbara Hazen 'Spoon Molds', Claudia-Cebrian 'Promised-Land-Peony01', Juergen Lechner 'Camera Obscura Playground'
CANDLESTICK by Laurie Peek
(Click on image for larger view)

Laurie Peek says, "I am a wanderer and collector. Staying receptive to the light, the lines, the colors, the mood, I work with my images to bring out the ambiguity, the arresting power, the previously unseen — finding magic in the mundane, whether it be shadows of a candlestick on my mantlepiece, the vivid colors of a soap bubble in my kitchen, or the play of late afternoon light on a book I was reading."

Laurie Peek is an award-winning photographer with a knack for elevating the everyday.  With an MFA in Photography from The Visual Studies Workshop/SUNY Buffalo, she taught photography for two years, then moved to NYC and became a photo librarian for Sygma Photo News. Inspired by the issues of the day, Peek became a photojournalist covering politics, local news, and protest movements for: The Village Voice, The Brooklyn Paper, City Limits, and The Progressive. As a staff photographer for NYC, she documented community gardens, housing, and Mayor Ed Koch. As a freelancer she traveled the country covering national political races for political candidates.

After a second career selling creative services to corporations, in the last decade Peek resumed her fine art photography, winning awards and exhibiting her work across the country. Her work has appeared in photography publications Fraction Magazine and The Photo Review, and she is the Winner of the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards (2020) in both the non-pro “Cell Phone” and “Nature” Series categories.

CV: (recent)
Laurie Peek Car Parts, Union Arts Center, Sparkill, NY - March - April 2018
Rockland Reverso, Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, NY - Sept. 2017
Pomona Cultural Arts Center, Pomona NY, Summer 2016 (semi-solo) Curator: Gde Arsa Artha
Art in the Park, Piermont, NY - September 2015
Artist of the Month, Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY - August 2014

2020 (scheduled):
Car Parts, RI Center for Photographic Arts, July, 2020 (semi-solo), Juror David DeMelim
14th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Exhibition, Gallery FotoNostrum, Barcelona, Spain - March, Jurors: Elizabeth Avedon, Rebecca Robertson and Analy Werbin (Winner: Cell Phone & Nature Series (non-pro), Honorable Mention: Alternative Processes & Fine Art Series (non-pro)

Brilliant Botanicals, ArtSuiteNY Gallery, Piermont, NY, Oct.-Dec. Curator: Nancy Loving
First Street Gallery National Juried Competition 2019, NYC
Small Works, Robert Anderson Gallery, Denver, CO, March - April, Jurors Margy Dudley & Wendi Schneider
Diptych, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX, Jan. - March, Juror: Kevin Tully
black/white, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX, Jan. - Feb., Juror: Jennifer Schlesinger
The Naked Print, R.I. Center for Photography, Providence, RI, Jan. - Feb., Juror: Stephen Fisher
A Color Moment, PhotoPlace Online Gallery, Middlebury, VT, Juror: Arthur Meyerson
The Photo Review Magazine 2019 Competition Issue

Abstract, Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, CO, Juror: Elizabeth Houston
Inside Small, Outside In Gallery,, Oct. - Nov. Piermont, NY,  Juror: Lisa D’Amico
Art is the Voice of CT, Silvermine Photographers, Hearst CT Media Group, Norwalk, CT, Nov.
Center for Photography at Woodstock Benefit Auction, Kingston, NY, Sept.
Light and Shadow, Rockland Center for the Arts, W. Nyack, NY April, Juror: Barbara Galazzo
Silvermine Artists Guild Pop-Up Exhibit, Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT March-April
Blue Door Art Center Juried Members Exhibit, Yonkers, NY, Jan. - Feb. 2018
Silvermine Guild New Members, Silvermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT, Jan. - Feb. 2018
From the Studio Exhibit, The Art School at Old Church, Demarest, NJ
Edward Hopper House Museum Members Exhibit, Union Arts Center, Sparkill, NY Jan.- March
Photography Now, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Nov. - Jan., Juror: William Ewing
Local Love, Volition Gallery, Bell-ans Center of Creative Arts, Orangeburg, NY,  June
All Art +, Van der Plas Gallery, NYC,  July
CameraWorks 2017, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, CT (Best in Show) Feb. - March,
  Juror:Rebecca Robertson, Photo Editor PDN
Eye of The Beholder: Art Though the Lens, My Own Little Gallery, Nyack, NY,  Feb.- March
Photography Takes Over 2017, Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, Feb.

IG: @lauriepeek
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mariana Bartolomeo 'Alchemy', Laurie Peek 'Candlestick', Barbara Hazen 'Spoon Molds', Claudia-Cebrian 'Promised-Land-Peony01', Juergen Lechner 'Camera Obscura Playground'
SPOON MOLDS by Barbara Hazen
(Click on image for larger view)

Barbara Hazen says, "Nothing is permanent. The things we attach ourselves to today are only a mirage of beautiful and enchanting illusions of lastingness. After today what remains is the nostalgic memory of a time, a place, a person or object.

I have collected or saved discarded objects for years, for what I consider intrinsic, rustic, simplicity and beauty. As I photograph an item, I re-live old memories I have repressed, giving each item new life and meaning, while also sharing something about myself that I may never have before.

As a young adult I was a pastry chef and entrepreneur in the food industry. In 2011 I set aside cooking and put my creative talents into my long time passion of photography.  Although I have pursued many genera’s of photography over the years, I continue to come back to figure work, and still lives of my many collections of things. Although most of my work has been printed as archival digital prints, I now work primarily in alternative platinum palladium and cyanotype photography.

2015-Cover Photo, Art & Beyond Nude Special 2015
2016-APA San Francisco, Group Show, selections form Genuine Beauty

2016-The Image Flow, Group Show, selections form Genuine Beauty
2017-LightBox Gallery, Group Show, selections form Genuine Beauty
2017-Critical Mass-Finalist, Selections from Genuine Beauty
2017-PDN The Nude Body, First Place, selections from Genuine Beauty
2017-B&W magazine - Single Image Spotlight winner for April 2018 issue
2018-CPA Group show – Single Image from Genuine Beauty

Instagram: @BarbaraHazen


L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mariana Bartolomeo 'Alchemy', Laurie Peek 'Candlestick', Barbara Hazen 'Spoon Molds', Claudia-Cebrian 'Promised-Land-Peony01', Juergen Lechner 'Camera Obscura Playground'
PROMISED LAND PEONY 01 by Claudia Cebrian
(Click on image for larger view)

Claudia Cebriansays,"Promised Land speaks of my own story as an immigrant. 
It's also the story of my family.I chose an old pie of luggage representative of a foreigner. It's old because it represents
my own family's move from Europe to 
Argentina after World War 2. Also searching for a better life.

My own journey started in 2002, as a mom and wife looking for a better life for myself
and my children, along with my

Our own country was suffering another 
economic crisis and it was enough of a 
constant instability for us to make the

Like almost all immigrants I've had some good times, but along with bad ones full of 
sadness and longing for what I left behind.

Adapting to a new culture, 
language issues, cultural differences,
loneliness, and even  joy is where we were headed and where
most of us are living on a daily basis. That is the life of immigrant.

Dried flowers stuck in an English /Spanish
Dictionary are a reflection of the time I spent outside my country and it brings a certain 
wave of nostalgia to my whole being. 
pages as a reminder of a special moment 
now gone.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
and my journey as a photographer began when I moved to Bariloche.

The art of The art of photography caught my attention and quickly became my passion.

In 2002, I moved to the US and have lived
in Miami ever since. I’ve had the pleasure 
of collaborating with names such as 
Architectural Digest. 
My eagerness to keep improving led me to Maine Media Worlshop school, where
I learned from Cig Harvey.

My photos always begin with a concept
and my main concern is that my images are impeccable illuminated and well exposed.

At times, I try to control a photos 
variables, but other times I simple go out with my camera to explore the world
and the result can be magical."

Career Highlights

2019 Loosenart. Suburbs and Peripherals Environments Exhibition, Rome, Italy.
2019.The Plastic Fantastic Show X exhibits Toy Camera Photographic Images. Third place juror awards. Astoria, OR.
2019. Lenscratch Ordinary Creatures Exhibition.

2019. Snap Downtown Og1. The Florida showcase 2018. Snap Downtown OG1. Florida, USA.
2018. The Deep Blue Sea . Claudia Cebrian y la LCA. Interview and publication. Lomography.  https://www.lomography.com/magazine/336332-the-deep-blue-sea-claudia-cebrian-and-the-lca USA.
2017. LensCulture winter exhibition. On line. Selected by the curator ,Susan Nalband.. https://www.lensculture.com/lensculture-winter-exhibition-2017 New York, USA.
2017. Photo of the day section. 2017. Don ́t take pictures Magazine.  http://www.donttakepictures.com/photo-of-the-day/2017/8/30/claudia-cebrian 2019]. Boston-New York, USA.
2017. Crusade for Art. CB2.  Florida, USA
2016. Pinta Art Fair. Gallery Markarius. MANA Wynwood. During Art Basel, Florida, USA.
2015. ArtExpo New York. Current Art Group USA — Art Projects a Division of Contemporary Art Projects USA.  New York, USA.









L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mariana Bartolomeo 'Alchemy', Laurie Peek 'Candlestick', Barbara Hazen 'Spoon Molds', Claudia-Cebrian 'Promised-Land-Peony01', Juergen Lechner 'Camera Obscura Playground'
(Click on image for larger view)

Jürgen Lechner says ,of his series, 'Camera Obscura', "In 2006 I decided to go back to the roots of photography, to rediscover pinhole photography with a "Camera Obscura“ – which 
has become my preferred means of taking photographs. I studied the works of different artists, including painters who 
influenced my current work. A good photograph takes time, I often visit places several times to find the conditions I need for a special photograph. 

Working with a pinhole camera means an immense depth of field, a huge image circle and a long exposure time. 

All has to be considered. I love this „slow“ photography, being one with nature, engaging in deep introspection, getting movement in the pictures, like the action of water or branches in contrast to non-moving objects to reach more tenseness. 
I do black and white pinhole photography only, as I think it is more mysterious, more insistent, more quiet and suits the method better than color photography."

Born in Nuremberg, Lechner now resides in Eckental in the south of Germany. He began his career as a photo lab technician apprentice, then moved onwards to an apprenticeship as a photographer, and is now a member of the Federal Association of Artist of the Fine Arts in Germany.

Jürgen’s creations reflect this journey; his efforts reflect what is possible by slowing down.

In a period characterized by technological advances, German photographer Jürgen Lechner looks to the earliest photographic techniques: pinhole photography with a camera obscura. In doing so, Lechner presents the spectator with contemporary scenes that highlight the often-overlooked viewpoints of our environment. Lechner’s abandon of digital photography may be unusual, but his aesthetic proves to be as 
innovative if not more so than any digitally based photographic style. His somber scenes have a quiet and meditative air that encourages the spectator to relish a world that seems comparable with yet far removed from our own.

Career Highlights:
Winner of the 25th Chelsea International Art Competition
Juried by Ms. Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
Gala Awards – 7th Pollux Award
Winner in section Architecture
Finalist in section Fine Art
Finalist in section Landscapes and Seascapes
One Eyeland Photography Awards
Finalist and Winner in section Fine Art