Image 'Les Sauvages' by Fran Forman

L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry


'Our Non-Human Companions'

Curator: Fran Forman
Deadline: July 13, 2022
Fran Forman says, "We are living in a time fraught with danger - to our democracy and to the global economy. We know that what happens in one part of the world effects other parts (like the old adage that when a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa, the wind is felt across the ocean). Climate change, war, changes in demographics, population movement, and the pandemic can all contribute to a rise of populism and autocracy. As artists, how do we express our anxieties and concerns? How do we represent the interconnection of peoples, of species, of all living things? Is it our responsibility to sound the alarm?"
10% of artist entry fees goes to the charity of the curator. Fran Forman has chosen Animal Haven. They find homes for abandoned cats and dogs. They also provide behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption. Animal Haven has a four-star rating with Charity Navigator.

Fran says, "It is our responsibility to protect our non-human companions with whom we share our planet. There are many animal welfare organizations that deserve our support. It is hard to choose just one, as I honor the thousands of dedicated volunteers and professionals who dedicate their lives and resources to protect the voiceless among us.
Another 10% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity.
ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and career highlights. Early entries may be featured on L.A. Photo Curator's Facebook and Instagram pages.

First Place winner receives Q&A with curator. Curator reviews first place winner. The Q&A is all done online and the results are included in a piece about the artist in L.A. Photo Curator's themed exhibition. One or more past curators may contribute reviews as well. 10% of artist fees goes to the first place winner's charity. The first place image shows on our splash page for a month.

We will waive the fee for 2 entrants per competition based on need. Just contact us at and make the request.
Submit work deadline: July 13, 2022 (Midnight EST)
How to Apply:

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Boy in Boat- 11"H x 14" W
Archival paper
$350 unframed
Limited edition of 15
Signed on back
Contact: Laurie Freitag

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Eligibility:  The exhibition is open to all photographers world wide, both amateur and professional. 

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