CALL FOR ENTRY: 'The Human Relationship to Water' with curator Adriaan Van Der Plas

Note from Van Der Plas:
Cultures have been historically defined by their relationship to water. The rapid growth of many of the world's major cities can be attributed to the success of their trading ports.

Water was a means of transport and commerce that sustained interconnectivity as well as a source of vitality for humans. These water-based industries attracted workforces from all over the world that would come to make up entire communities within a city. So it is water that has brought us together, kept us connected and quenched our thirst.

However man's relationship with water has become estranged. As ports closed and moved outside of the city, as planes and cars took over the role of the seas, and as the individual came to expect their cargo at their doorstep, so too did human interconnectivity lose its relationship to water and the natural elements.

We have come to see water as wilderness and cannot truly understand it's purpose. Our relationship to drinking water has been disrupted by Nestle and Poland Spring. We go deep-sea diving and take ferries for enjoyment all while we unload our waste in its depths and drive its populations to extinction.

Walking on the Hudson or East River promenade in NYC feels like walking the citys outskirts. The West Side Highway and FDR encompass the cities outer edges, making way for the automobile in place of waterfront access.

These isolated edges attract those that seek freedom from the cities grid for the purposes of recreation or survival.

Submissions should grapple with the intersection between culture and water, highlighting it's most pertinent physical manifestations."

The Van Der Plas gallery has been a conduit for contemporary outsider artists for over 40 years. Whether it be street art or contemporary art, the gallery strives to showcase art rising from the innermost human creative spirit.

Founder Adriaan Van Der Plas was once himself an outsider, having left his hometown of Vienna, Austria in 1973 to immigrate to New York City. Around this time, artist Konstantin Bokov was preparing to make the same transition. Inspired by the works of Van Gogh and unable to show his art in the political climate of the USSR, he decided to leave the Ukraine for New York city. The two became acquainted in 1993, when Bokov approached Adriaan at his former art pushcart concept in the South Street Seaport district, “Art a la carte”.

Adriaan became an avid collector of his work, recognizing the sincerity by which the work was able to portray New York’s spirit and materiality. With the opening of the Van Der Plas gallery on 156 Orchard Street, Adriaan made it the gallerys mission to bring contemporary outsiders  into the public eye.

I met Adriaan when one of my photographs was chosen to be included in his gallerys Anthology show. Here is the link:  ... Laurie Freitag/Director-L.A. Photo Curator

15% of artist fees go to 2 charities per competition. 7.5% to the curator's choice of charity and 7.5% to the first place winner's chosen charity.

Adriaan Van Der Plas has chosen Clean Water Action as his charity.
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